Look At Music: Visualizador

Look At Music: Visualizador 1.01

Look at music!

Start playing music, and look at it with this Look At Music Visualizer!

Look at music!

When you want have some relax, or make a party, or whatever else!

Simply start playing your favorite melodies, and look at them with Look At Music Visualizer!

Within different themes/ presets, color palettes, and color equalizer, you can choose, and tune the right visualization for any kind of music. The Look At Music Visualizer allows you to perform rich variety of selections and fine tunings.

Main features:

• various presets (abstract, landscapes and more) to choose from;

• various palettes to choose from;

• up to 9 bands (depends on preset) of color + common coloring level + composite lead channel equalizer;

• automatic saving of last used preset;

• usage last saved, or default, or current settings.

The Look At Music Visualizer performs data capture, their processing, and visualizing, in the real time. For best performance, use modern high-speed devices.

The Look At Music Visualizer is compatible with most of the built-in standard audio-players.

And one more thing!

If your device can be connected with TV for big picture and great sound, it's a right time to plug it in.

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Look At Music: Visualizador


Look At Music: Visualizador 1.01

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